About us

PTG is a technological and export-oriented industrial glass deep-processing enterprise, founded by senior professionals in the field of flat glass deep-processing. Located in the world-famous glass city - Qinhuangdao, Hebei, China. Qinhuangdao is one of the scientific research, original raw sheet production, deep processing, equipment production and logistics centers of China's glass industry. With national glass scientific research institutions and national glass testing center, Qinhuangdao is the production base of world high-quality 3.3 float borosilicate flat glass. It is the first 3.3 expansion coefficient float borosilicate glass raw sheet production base in China. There are about 200 enterprises and institutions in Qinhuangdao, including glass raw sheet production, deep processing, equipment production and scientific research institutions.

PTG has unique processing technology for the batch production, quality, and cost control of various deep processing glass products, it can control the product quality standards, production yield, production output and cost to a certain level. And it also has professional experience in the production, processing, packaging, transportation and loading of glass products for export.

PTG was established in the early stage of Qinhuangdao Yaohua Glass Group 's production of 3.3 borosilicate glass. Over the past ten years, it has grown with the development of Yaohua. After years of technical development and practical production experience, PTG has professional experience in the cutting, edging, hot bending, strengthening of borosilicate glass, also has good experience on the cost, efficiency and production yield.

Our advantage:

1. wholesale original 3.3 float borosilicate glass sheet.

2. accurate edge grinding processing, with the highest accuracy up to ± 0.1mm. In particular, self-made equipment for rounding, chamfering and cleaning of borosilicate glass, which has no scratch, no edge collapse and dimension accuracy.

3. with self-made multifunctional single hyperbolic hot bending and strengthening furnace.

Our products are widely used in luminaire, industrial equipment, instruments, fireplaces, kitchen appliances, optics etc.